The sound of engines running over our heads, one louder than the other, was blasting into our eardrums. They were close now. Some passed so close to the rooftops you might even be able to touch them if you raised your hands while standing up there. It was cold outside, and it was cold inside. … Continue reading


Bus number 181 was chillier than expected. Usually at this time of year these stretched out vehicles are hotter than a sauna in the desert. But today the bus was quite empty so that would explain a lot. No out-of-control kids running around spilling ice cream and biting people’s legs, and no teenagers hanging out … Continue reading

Bottom to top

I was walking up the stairs as I always do. Nothing different, nothing special. The steps are almost exactly as big as my feet, but just a few millimetres too short. On the fourth step there’s a mark I always put my right foot on. Sometimes I start my walk up with that right foot … Continue reading

Look out for lethal flu 2.0

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has warned British medical staff about increasing numbers of flu related secondary infections that “may carry a high mortality”. In a letter sent on January 10th – midst the hectic flu season – the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally C. Davies, informs UK GPs and medical organs how to … Continue reading

The Star Wars of the Premier League

They started off in a ferocious manner, taking on the Star Wars of the Premier League as if it was just another stride down the street. A goal difference of 21-1 after five games told a story everyone thought they had already heard – Chelsea are the winners of the 2010-11 Premiership. Eight games further … Continue reading

Why Arsenal Needs To Sack Arsene Wenger

(From November 2010) 27 million. That’s how many reasons there are for Arsenal FC to give Arsene Wenger the boot. 27 million. That’s the number of Gunner fans all over the world who year after year have to live without a chance of winning a title bigger than the Carling Cup. 27 million. That’s as … Continue reading

Muammar och jag!

Snart kan jag bo granne med en diktator! I stort sett i alla fall. Vi pratar inte riktigt vägg-i-vägg. Det handlar inte om att jag och han kan skapa ett eget litet morsespråk genom väggen som innebär att en knack betyder ‘tjaba!’, två knackningar betyder ‘what’s happening, man?’ och tre knackningar betyder ‘sorry, jag kan … Continue reading


När jag var liten tyckte inte jag riktigt om att duscha. Det var inte det att jag hatade det så mycket att jag vägrade göra det och gick runt och luktade äckligt och hade haft sådana där vågiga streck strålandes ut från kroppen min om jag hade varit en seriefigur. Nej, så var det inte … Continue reading

The Human Alarm Clock!

Jag har skaffat mig en gräslig ovana att vakna exakt samma tidpunkt varje morgon. Det är som så att denna sista termin av utbildningen har vi belönats med schemat från helvetet. Tidigare år har vi haft fyra föreläsningar i veckan, utspridda på två eller tre dagar. Nu är det sju föreläsningar som gäller, utspridda på … Continue reading