The “cosy” world of publishing

Gentlemen. When reading about the history of the publishing industry, this is the word that jumps out at you, smack you in the face with a white silk glove and tell you to open up your eyes. The publishing of books has always been acknowledged as a gentlemen’s hobby; something a man of honour would … Continue reading

Are e-books taking over?

The Johannes Gutenberg bible is recognised as the first book ever printed using the German’s groundbreaking mass production press in the 1450s. The publishing industry has come a long way since Mainz-born Gutenberg revolutionised the world. Now there’s barely a need for paper with 20% of people reading books on electric devices according to a … Continue reading

Interview: Barry Glendenning

The Guardian sports journalist Barry Glendenning, 38, has just bought a pint in an “old-man shithole pub”, a.k.a his “Brixton office”. He’s talking about moving to London from Ireland 12 years ago. “Sorry, have we started the interview now? Yes? Okay, I’ll just give you a quick history and you can take what you want … Continue reading