The sound of engines running over our heads, one louder than the other, was blasting into our eardrums. They were close now. Some passed so close to the rooftops you might even be able to touch them if you raised your hands while standing up there. It was cold outside, and it was cold inside. … Continue reading


Bus number 181 was chillier than expected. Usually at this time of year these stretched out vehicles are hotter than a sauna in the desert. But today the bus was quite empty so that would explain a lot. No out-of-control kids running around spilling ice cream and biting people’s legs, and no teenagers hanging out … Continue reading

Bottom to top

I was walking up the stairs as I always do. Nothing different, nothing special. The steps are almost exactly as big as my feet, but just a few millimetres too short. On the fourth step there’s a mark I always put my right foot on. Sometimes I start my walk up with that right foot … Continue reading